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NBC January 6th 2011, contends that theres a high rate of job dissatisfaction amongst americans. USA Today on May 31, 2011 Reported that American job satisfaction slumped to a two decade low. U.S job satisfaction levels fall to lowest in 22 years declared CNN on January 2010. Its obvious that the majority of people are not satisfied with the way their careers are going. Job satisfaction is an important factor in employee morale, and “falling morale is without question a drain on productivity,” stated the Washington Post on Nov. 17th 2011. The Harvard Business School Review reported in 2010 that employee dissatisfaction, brings down both retention and productivity. On Oct. 21, 2011 the National Beaureu of Economic Research Revealed that overall costs to business and industry of dispirited employees estimate $150-$180 billion a year. We all should actually love what we do, as it is very difficult to give our best performance when we do something unwillingly. Unfortunately, job satisfaction statistics shows that many people in the United States of America are not satisfied with their current jobs. Only 20% of people in U.S are passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs and careers.

We have looked at the problem and consequences of workers job dissatisfaction and now we will look at some of the causes that lead to wrong career and job choosing.

Some of the reasons include but are not limited to; fear, lack of knowledge, influenced or pressured to choose a career by parents, relatives and peers. students who pick a college major nearly at random because they have to declare one. too high a value is placed on the external rewards of a job, like money, prestige and power. Not dedicating enough time to researching our career goals.

Now that we have looked at some of the causes of wrong career choosing which lead to job dissatisfaction. We will take a glance at some proven techniques for better career and job choosing which helps to attain the satisfaction and fulfillment we seek at work.

In an interview with Nicholas Lore in 2011 author of the book “The Pathfinder” how to choose or change your career for a lifetime of satisfaction and success“. he recommends:

1.Developing a relationship with a career counselor who can provide feedback on career expectations.
2.Become self-aware of what your good at
4.values and
5.interests. Find out what your passionate about. If you don’t know what your passionate about, make a list 50 things that you would like to do and go out and try them. that should help. The Harvard Business School Review in 2010 also reported that employee satisfaction increased customer loyalty, revenue growth and profitability.

We have talked about job and career dissatisfaction, and its implications, and how to embrace a path that can lead to job and career satisfaction.

First we took a look at the problem and consequences of job dissatisfaction, second we analyzed some of the causes that lead to wrong career and job choosing ; which in turn leads to work dissatisfaction. Finally we discovered some proven techniques that lead to career and job satisfaction.

Hope This Helps.


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  1. It’s sad to hear how so many people really hate what they do to make a living. It’s responsible of them to continue doing it even though they don’t like it, but why do something you hate if you have the option of doing something you love? I think a lot of people who are stuck doing what they don’t like are people who didn’t have a choice because of their age, because they didn’t continue with school, or because of family issues.

    I used to love science and astronomy and that is what I wanted to do when I was younger, until my 6th grade science class when I began to hate it unfortunately. For the longest time I didn’t know what I wanted to be because I don’t want to do something I hated, but I also didn’t want to do something that wouldn’t earn me a lot of money. I finally decided on getting a law degree and that is so far in process. If you have the option, it’s great doing something you enjoy and making money at the same time!

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  3. maragazar says:

    I can’t imagine having a career or a job that I do not enjoy doing. Having to wake up every morning and going to the same place for the same amount of hours and not enjoying it for the rest of my life, I would go crazy. I think this is the main reason it’s taking me so long to pick my major. I surely do not want to spend all this time in school and end up with something I hate doing.
    I have always told myself that I would rather have a job that I enjoy and not make great money then dread waking up for work and get paid better. I personally hate school and having experienced how I feel every time I wake up for it, I know I would not be able to do a job I don’t like for over a year. I am going to stay in school as long as I need to, to find what I truly enjoy doing.

  4. levdaniel says:

    I think part of the problem is the level of education in this country. In reallity students go for a profession that will bring them financial stability not something they feel passionate about. The reason is because the industry promotes careers that will suit their needs. Government need to concentrate on developing new programs in school and working fields. Lack of insentive from companies and low pay demotivates many people too.

    I agree that student need to follow their passion when choosing a career. Something that will match their true preference in terms of their skills and not side influence. Very sad statistics which makes you think, “Am I on a right way?” Thanks for posting, very usefull information.

  5. csdykeman says:

    In the hard economic times, I ‘m sure the stats have increased. It is so hard to find a job of any kind, feeling happy seems less important than paying the bills. It seems that a number of people are stuck doing jobs they would rather not be doing. But we have to feed the family and pay the bills. After the crisis is over, a lot of people will feel stuck and that their options have decreased.

  6. ianpeyrot says:

    Stretching, stretching and i’ll say it again stretching is the most important thing when exercising. I have several times pulled muscles just because I started exercising without stretching. If you have already injured yourself then you even need to stretch when just walking around.

    If you have injured yourself then keeping that muscle as well as the muscles around it strong is very important. If you don’t keep up with a injured muscle it will not only stay injured but you can hurt yourself even more. Major leg muscle strains can last for a very long so be careful.

  7. jonvarkony says:

    One of the biggest fears I have is ending up with a career that I can’t stand. I’m currently a Finance major and luckily I can say that I do have an interest in Finance. I can say however if money was no option I’d be pursuing something entirely different. I love the sciences, especially astronomy, anthropology, and archaeology. A huge problem is there is not a lot of money in any of those careers, which is something important to me so I can live comfortably. But I know if I ended up down one of those paths, I’d be completely satisfied. Those fields are just so interesting to me.

    I think a major reason so many people end up unsatisfied with their careers is not only the potential uncertainty of what really interests them but also the role popular culture plays. We’re constantly bombarded by mainstream music and movies that condition us to believe if you don’t end up a millionaire you are worthless. That the only prestige comes with being a doctor, lawyer, or stock broker. That money is everything. This definitely plays a role in either not becoming aware of the proper career path, or consciously ignoring it.

  8. ggmihajlov says:

    I can understand on how these findings are true. I think at a certain point in my 6 years with a company after 3 I was feeling over it. I felt I had put so much time and effort and wasn’t looking to be reward but acknowledged I guess you can say. Which is probably why I was so eager to find new employment.

    I think coming back to school has helped me develop real goals. I found working in a busy financial institution has helped me focus on a goal of developing those skills more. It is important to evaluate why something isn’t working to come up with reliable solutions as you have done in this peice. Hopefully, with facts like these we can improve on people being happy in their career paths.

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