“60% of all human communication is nonverbal body language”!. 30% is your tone?!. That means that 90% of what you are saying “ain’t coming out of your mouth”. These numbers left me speechless. I could not believe what I was hearing! I had never been told this. That means that whats more important is how you are saying what your saying and the body language you use when you say it.This information and knowledge is vital to being able to communicate effectively when public speaking, or at work and also in any other relationship anyone might ever want to have. The fact that only 7% of what we say comes out of our mouth, the rest we communicate through body language, tone and pitch is astounding. I always thought that the best communicators were the ones who were able to speak flawlessly. As I am finding out. Focusing and rehearsing on what you are going to say without taking into consideration the body language before a speech, is focusing on the 7% of what you are going to say and ignoring the 93% that you are going to say with body language and tone. I think we have some body language to work on.


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  1. uuuhhhuuu, this is exciting!

  2. I really enjoyed watching this video. It was interesting to see how the expert broke down the different gestures of the candidates. Body language is very important because it expresses things about you that you might not even mean to say.
    For instance, the example with John McCain as he was watching the president talking. He had his hands in a position that signified he was nervous. I’m sure the last thing McCain wanted to do was show to people that he was nervous, but his body language sold him out. I think it’s very important to learn this information because it will be helpful in everyday life situations

  3. josealv007 says:

    As you stated, we should focus our attention to our body language because nonverbal communication is as important, or even more important than, verbal communication. The numbers you posted are mind-blowing. I specially think that this applies especially when you are interviewing for employment.

    According to College Journal from The Wall Street Journal “Body language comprises 55% of the force of any response, whereas the verbal content only provides 7%, and paralanguage, or the intonation – pauses and sighs given when answering – represents 38% of the emphasis.”

    The evaluation of your nonverbal communication will start as soon as you walk into the company’s lobby and continue until the interview is finished. If your nonverbal communication skills aren’t up to par, it won’t matter how well you answer the questions.

  4. I really enjoy your video. Nice post! As you said body language tells the audience more about the character you are portraying than the words you say or the tone in which you say them. Also, the way we walk, position ourselves while talking and the facial expression we use tells a lot about our abilities, way of communication or dealings and current states of mind.

  5. csdykeman says:

    I agree. You see it all the time. A person may be saying one thing verbally, but their tone and bodily language tells a different story. In these hard times, it pays to make an effort and pay attention to the body language of a person speaking to you about a job offer, real-estate deals and financial business. The words they are stating may sound good and promising, but the other 93% of communication may be giving you a completely different picture.

  6. twotex187 says:

    Body language is a really important sign to look out for when dealing with others. Although people can easily lie using their words, their bodies tend to reveal the truth. It’s just something we do self consciously. Some people express their emotions more than others using their bodies.

    I noticed that body language is especially important when dating people. You can use it to tell if the person is interested in you or not. Crossed arms, for example, is a sign of unhappiness. It is important to now judge a person just on body language though since sometimes your interpretation can be way off.

  7. I totally agree that body language is very essential. In my opinion what makes something special and different are details. Let s say you have a Mercedes it is a nice car but it is a car. So what makes it so nice are the details in it.
    The same thing with body language. We talk; however, details make our speech effective. Non verbal communication plays a huge role in effective communication. I would also add professional atire. Some people think that average professional atire is ok. I think it is important to use every possibility to look as professional as possible.

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  9. For sure it is great and interesting theory and concept, however, I do not agree with many of the things that are described in that video. Body language plays a huge role in business and social relations, but I do not believe that maintaining a “power” pose alone will change your attitude and have resulted in a successful interview. Sure, I think posing is small additional portion that can complete your confidence, yet maintaining a power pose for 2 minutes or so prior to an interview can not transform an unconfident, unprepared person into a winner. Being real and faking are two different things, spoken from the heart. And one more thing, in my culture, which is Russian, legs on the table does not mean a power pose, it means that a person is very rude, lousy and has very bad manners.

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