In this video I learned some things that I never thought were even possible. What i liked most about the information given in this video, is the easy to use practical information. “We know that your mind can change your body but can your body change your mind”. She describes how body posture can influence the way we think, feel and project ourselves. I found this fascinating! Also when she mentions “fake it until you become it” as opposed to the old cliché, “fake it until you make it” in the second video, is something worth looking into. It is also mentioned that the way you stand can affect the way you see yourself. “If you sit confidently before an interview it can give you a better chance of getting hired”. Why is this not being taught in school?? Lifting both your hands and this will give you higher self-esteem? the range of applications to this knowledge and information is unlimited. Not only does she give this information but she has also experienced applying it and benefiting from it. She mentions this in other videos that she has out. She seems to speak from the heart. I appreciate more when a speaker, speaks from the heart. She seems to connect very well with the audience. The way she controls the energy of the environment and atmosphere in the other videos is something to admire.


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  2. Amazing research! We discover wonderful things about our mind and body every day.

    When encouraging low levels of self-esteem, you may stand with your shoulders hunched or make very little eye contact with others. Having this type of reserved body language may signal that you are unprepared, not confident, timid, nervous or shy; or worst, that you are not interested in your audience. Nothing can make your meeting worst than being nervous, having low self confident, or nervously sweating. Your credibility and leadership abilities can be greatly affected by these negative traits.

    On the other hand, I believe self esteem is very important in creating a healthy social environment around ourselves. Being confident has a positive effect on our body language, one of the most important components of nonverbal communication. This video teaches us how to promote and ‘manipulate’ our self esteem by practicing this ‘power poses’ before a meeting, interviews, or when presenting in front of an audience. Being aware of how your body language is interpreted will make you a better speaker and your social circle will be positively affected by this practice. I know I will start practicing this poses before going in to work, an interview or a presentation. This practice can be applied in so many different situations; the possibilities are unlimited!!

  3. The effect of placebo is hard to deny, however sometimes people can miss a huge problem by relying on placebo effect.
    I think positive thinking and positive reinforcement are very important concepts but we cannot ignore underlying issues.

  4. mailtoandrey says:

    This is a great video and even greater research! Psychology is very interesting subject and so many important discoveries are made in this field all the time. Human body and mind still keep a lot of mysteries, waiting to be discover. It is especially true about human brain. We know so little about it and how it functions.

    I was very excited to hear about Obama’s initiative to map human brain. I think it is very important. Potential of such initiatives is hard to overestimate. Who knows, may be soon we will be able to cure many mental disorders and know more about ourselves.

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